Zaheer asked youngsters to bowl fast


Zaheer khan India’s premier fast bowler who has recently retired from all forms of International cricket says that a bowler should try his best to bowl as fast as he can when he is young.

When it was asked to Zaheer that if he wanted to be a coach he replied that he will try his best to stay connected with the game but it is to early to decide the way he said that he will see what is the best way for him to stay connected with the game. He also talked about coping up with injuries as a fast bowler faces many injuries during his career he said that it is very frustrating when a bowler stay away from the game due to some injuries. what a bowler should do is to control the controllable and do the right things and should always check and make sure that you are nor 100% but are 120% to come back in form.


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When asked about the pressure of being an Indian fast bowler he says that he just enjoyed that and didn’t took much pressure on him. he said that nothing is most priority when asked to choose between pace, skill and fitness and said that no one can that easily point it out as it depends on the wicket how it is. he said to the bowlers to bowl as fast as they can when they was young as there bowling muscles will be¬†developing and this will help them to develop there muscles and generate pace.

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Updated: April 24, 2016 — 12:00 am

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