Usman Khawaja at No. 3 Said Darren Lehmann

Daten Lehmaan On Monday Talked about Steven Smith and said that Steven had full Freedom to choose his batting line Up had he is a Test Skipper and he also not have any pressure to demote his batting order and can prove more balance to line up. whereas Smith also said to News Corp that he will be on NO.4 in Bid.
Lehmaan also said to Sy Sports Radio that Smith is free to go and free to take decisions Regarding to the Batting he can go on any Number wheather to bat First, Second Even Four. When He Wish he Can. It dosent Matter Much All what matters is Team Selection. As he had a Succes in ashes mixed.

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Usman Khawaja can Also Have benefitted if Smith choose to Bat at fourth which will make him to bat at no.3 As lehmann also Felt so. As per the previous Stats Khawaja had played 9 Test in 2013 which tipped to start him his Test Match Careeer by making 377 Runs from 9 Test at 25.13 and made him hold in top list record. Which also Made upsed of dan odf Chis, Shane Watson and Michael Clark to in 2015 Ashes.
It is a correct time for khawaja as he scored 839 runs in 69.9 in Sheffield game and he can take a stake for home Ground Now.Lehmann have a confident to Khawaja he Belives that it would be a successfully decision to Give opportunity to bat in the he sate he want to carck first and according to condition of gabba its right time to perform.

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Updated: June 12, 2016 — 7:13 pm

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