The New “Sachin A Billion Dreams” Movie Trailer Will Leave You Amaze

The New “Sachin A Billion Dreams” Movie Trailer Will Leave You Amaze:

Whenever we talked about best cricketer in the World, one word is always on our mind “Sachin”. An indeed you would deny that he is regarded as one of the best batsmen of all time. A boy who grew up with the only dream of lifting the World Cup for India. All before that the movie beautifully display the character of Sachin Tendulkar from the 11 year old with bat and dreams to the boy lifting the World Cup trophy.

sachin a billion dreams

As name suggest, the movie is based on the life story of the World Greatest Cricketer of All Time. The story beautiful depict a little boy, from the ball boy at the Local Mumbai Cricket Ground to the first class partnership of 600 with Vinod Kambli.

From amazing first class records to the place in the Indian Cricket Team. From first debut match in 1989 to the journey of long 24 years of Cricket.


From billions of Indian fans cheering “Sachin, Sachin…” to the jam packed stadium for just a glimpse of eye on this cricketing legend. From 30,000+ runs in all format of the game to first man to be score 200. The records go on and on, but his presence stills admires the youth, and every other cricketing for following their dreams.


Director: James Erskine (Emmy Nominated)

Music: A. R .Rahman (Music Academy Award Winner)

Producer: Ravi Bhagchandka, Carnival Motion Pictures,

Release Date: Coming Soon


So, here is the trailer of the new Sachin A Billion Dreams…

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