Karnataka performance this year is quite embarrassing

Karnataka the defender of the ranji trophy has played this year very bad as compared to there previous to seasons where they won the Ranji Trophy back to back twice in two years and become the defending champions this season but their performance for this Ranji seasons as they now have drawn all there 4 matches from the first four rounds of the Ranji season. The Vinay Kumar led side had team to be last their moto.

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The Karnataka players such as K.L Rahul and Kareen Nair had their sucess individually noth pf them has been rewarded and moved upward in their position and play. But this increment however had not happend the Vinay Kumar led side to win test matches this season. There are 4 more games to go for Karnataka this season and they has to win all four of the other remaning game so that they can move up in the points table as they are currently standing at the 5th position in their group.

Anil Bemble and Javogal Srinath the fromer Indian players belive that some of their off field decision went wrong as teir most of the team is as same as the previous years become Kamble is not happy with the rotation of wickets keepers he said a team you have to decide weather a team wants a batsman who can keep or they want a pure keeper who can bat also.

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Updated: October 29, 2015 — 12:01 am

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