Jason Holder for 1 match Ban

West Indies fast bowler Jason Holder had been fixed a 1 match ben for offening when the West Indies team was fined for maintaning a slow over rate against Sri-Lanka in the first ODI of the ongoing series between West Indies and Sri-Lanka at Columbo on sunday 1st of November.

The match Roffer David Boon on of the members of Emirates Flite Panel of match refrees imposed the fine and than suspendal Jason Holder for offencing he Emplained that the West Indies team was 2 overs short of the required target they have recieved tp complete the overs in a particular amount of time.

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According to the article 2.5.1 in the ICC code of conduct which is related to minor offences and slow over rates, the players were find 10% of thier match feer for every over which they were failed to bowl within the given amount of time and the captain of the team was fixed double of the same amount and hence at the end holder the captain of West Indies team was final at the holder the captain of West Indies team was fired 40% and the others were fired by 20% of thier match fees.

This is also holders 2nd slow over rate offence between the 12 month period he was the guilty of slow over rate against South Africa in January 2015. He had also recieved one match ban from ODI’s and will not be available for team in the match of Sri-Lanka and West Indies which will be played at November 4. Holder was found guilty and had accepted his mistake.

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Updated: May 15, 2016 — 3:10 am

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