Australia (AUS) Vs England (ENG) 2nd Test Lords Day 2


Day 2 of second test match start with Australia on driver seat as they finished day 1 on 337-1 with Rojers and Smith batting both above there tons.
However, day two started good for England as Broad bowled Chris Rojers on a ful delivery where Chris looking to drive while ball angleing in towards the left hander and the inside edge hit his pads and went on to the stumps in he 95th over of Australia innings.
Here are the other wickets fall from the Australion side:-

Overs 106.5 M. WOOD TO M. CLARKE
Skipper departs on a short ball, Clarke goes for a pulls but hands over a simple regulation catch to Ballance at square leg. Clarke was unable to roll his wrists downward hence can’t keep it down. Clarke was looking uncomfortable playing the short balls and the plan has paid off to England. England get second success of the day.
Overs 119.3 S Broad to A Voges
Voges goes to defend the good length ball off the front foot, but the ball angled in and Voges gets a faint edge back to Buttler. Another wicket for England early in the session. Broad is awarded for his good bowling.
Overs 123.3 S. BROAD TO M. MARSH
Broad is on fire! he gets onother one while Australia are looking at a downfall. It was a length delivery just outside off, a tad bit of short and way slower in pace, Marsh looks to play it but is played on getting an inside edge. Sweet sound of the timber and Broad gets his third wicket.
Overs 139.4 JOE ROOT TO S. SMITH
Reviewed but that’s gone! Good length ball on off, coming in, Smith goes for a reverse sweep but it hit him on the pads. Dharmasena thinks hard and reacting positively to the lbw appeal gives it out. Smith has a look at Nevill and takes the DRS review and the replays shows it was marginally in line but the on field umpires decision stands. A marvelous innings comes to an end. But all the damage is done by Smith as he departs on 215. The Lord’s crowd are up on their feet and they applaud in appreciation.
Debutant Nevill departs on 45 in his first innings! Fullish outside off, Nevill comes down the track and looks to loft it over mid off but doesn’t get enough elevation. Moeen Ali fielding there moves to his right and takes well judge catch at mid off. Hence Nevill’s debut innings comes to an end. Not a bad knock on debut though.
Overs 148.6 S. BROAD TO M. JOHNSON
Johnson is out! Outside off, Johnson tries to hit over the off side for a maximum but doesn’t time it well to gel pass long off. Anderson at deep mid off runs to his right and takes a safe catch. Fourth wicket for Broad!
And took many positives as Smith reaches his 200 and Rojers went on to get 173.
Debutant Nevill too played gently However Clarke’s form is still an issue.
On the point of England bowling Stuart Broad bowled brilliantly as he grabs 4 wickets while Joe root gets 2 and both Mark Wood and Moeen Ali shared 2 wickets each a piece.

Berief Scores:-
Aus 566/8 dec (198)
Steve smith 215 (346)
Chris Rojers 173 (300)
Broad 4/83


England Innings:-
Overs 0.2 M. STARC TO A. LYTH
Starc gets an early breakthrough! gets rid of Lyth on a Short of a length ball outside off, Lyth tries to poke at it unnecessarily and pays the price. Lazy shot from lyth. He gets an outside edge to the keeper behind who makes no mistake. Umpires check for Starc’s front foot but replays confirm it’s just about fine. First catch for Peter Nevill in Test cricket and that too off the second ball of his debut. What a start for Australia!
Bowled! Fuller length ball around the off stump channel, Ballance tries to play but the ball goes through and hits the wickets. Johnson has an early wicket as well. What a start, this. Ballance’s problem with over-pitched deliveries continues. He is caught on the crease once again. Cracking delivery! from Johnson he was olso beaten for pace as it was bowled 89 mps.
Bowled ’em! Australia on fire! Hazelwood u beauty! This is sensational stuff by the Aussies! Hazlewood bowls a nice delivery, full and straight on off, Bell has no reply to this delivery. It goes right through and Disturbed the stumps. England in big trouble now! It was poor shot selection by Bell, shouldn’t have tried to play it across.
Caught behind! Johnson removes the England’s run machine! Short of a length ball around the off stump channel, Root is caught in his crease and tries to push through the off side. The ball catches the outside edge and goes to the keeper behind. Nevill takes the catch and Australia appeal vociferously. The umpire raises his finger and England in tatters. Johnson is fired up. Excellent bowling!
Overs 29 Ends the day! it was a nice show from the Australian side However, Cook and Strokes are looking good as they made sure no other wickets fell in the day and stiched an unbeaten partnership of 55 runs

Berief Scores
Eng 85/4
Alastair Cook 21* (85)
Ben Strokes 38* (50)
Mitchell Johnson 2/16
Josh Hazlewood 1/22

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Updated: May 15, 2016 — 3:15 am

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