Assam vs Hyderabad Group A, Vijay Hazare Trophy 2015 Scores & Highlights

{Assam vs Hyderabad Group A, Vijay Hazare Trophy 2015 Highlights}

The match had started and toss was won by hyderabad held on 15, December 2015. Team Hyderabad has won the match by 72 runs. Bavanaka Sandeep player of Hyderabad team is the lowest scorer as he only able to score 9 runs from 8 balls and he also had one boundry which was six his score rate is approx. 112.50. Captain of the team Hanuma Vihari Had completed his half century by 51 runs in 67 balls and he had 4 boundries in which 3 was four and 1 was 6.

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Tanmay Agrawal player of Hyderabad is the highest scorer as he score 83 in just 77 balls and have 7 boundries in which he have 4 fours and 3 sixes and his score rate is 107.79 and he also haved the highest boundries in the match as he was cought by Jogeswar Bhumji.

Fall of wicket of Hyderabad :-

Akshath Reddy – 56-1
Danny Dereck Prince – 66-2
Hanuma Vihari – 173-3
Tanmay Agarwal – 217-4
Kolla Sumanth – 243-5
Balchander Anirudh – 248-6
Pagadala Naidu – 260-7
Bavanaka Sandeep – 261-8

Assam team has also played very well as Pallavkumar Das the player of Assam team has scored highest has he score 54 runs in 61 balls and have 8 boundries which is fours. Krishna Das the player of Assam Team was the lowest scorer has he had score only 2 runs in 29 balls and had no boundry his score rate is 6.90. Gokul Sharma the captain of Assam team has score 19 runs in 29 balls and have no boundries has his score rate is 65.52. Amit Sinha have highest boundry has he have 4 boundries which is fours and he have scored 34 runs in 45 balls and his score rate is 75.56.

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Fall of wicket of Assam :-

Swarupam Purkayastha – 3-1
Rajdeep Das -52-2
Amit Verma -84-3
Pallavkumar Das -112-4
Amit Sinha -142-5
Jamaluddin Syed Mohammad -169-6
Gokul Sharma -179-7
Arun Karthik -184-8
Arup Das -186-9
Krishna Das – 199-10

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Updated: June 12, 2016 — 7:10 pm

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